Amicogen supports the welfare program so that all employees can work in a stable environment.
We like to support the company life so that people can reconcile work and life.

Total Rewards


Welfare for lifestyle safety

014 major insurance
We support four major insurance policies for pension insurance, health insurance and disease insurance, occupational disaster compensation insurance and employment insurance.
02Accident insurance subscription
We have accident insurance for several necessary employees.
03Retirement pension system
We have introduced a retirement pension system based on the workers' social system.
04Children school expense support
We support the school expense of children for happy families.
05Various family event and company club event supports
We support celebrations and holidays to celebrate the family events of the employees.

Health and other welfare benefits

01Use of annual holiday
Amicogen encouragesemployees to use annual leave and also encourages them to get out of a tiring routine and spend quality time with family and friends.
02In-house café and staff lounge operation
We have prepared an area where employees can take a break.
03Excellent employee award
Every year, we select outstanding employees and award prizes.
04Long-term continuous employee reward
We have awarded long-term employees of 10 years.
05Transport costs and communication costs support
Transportation and communication costs are paid according to business needs.
06Birthday presents provided
We offer a present for the employee's birthday.
07Discount for Our product
We offer 50% discount on the purchase of our products.