Business Area

Business area

Enzyme and Biopharmaceutical business

Amicogen has developed a special enzyme from an environmentally friendly biocatalyst
that exchanges the existing chemical catalyst using the unique gene evolution technology.
Our technology developed with special enzymes in the pharmaceutical, chemical and energy industries,
which is evaluated as a future growth technology that can replace chemical processes.
The Enzyme and Biopharmaceutical business , which is Amicogen's source project, is being promoted to expand its territory
through the use of enzymes to use API, intermediates of pharmaceuticals and raw materials for food.
Innovative technology
i   DNA evolution ™
Innovative technology
Based on the unique gene evolution
technology(i   DNA evolution™),
we developed a special enzyme.
Biotech Laboratory
Biotech Laboratory
We carry out the research of specialized enzymes
in various fields including industrial
and pharmaceutical special enzymes.
Open innovation
Open Innovation
We actively promote research cooperation
for the development of
innovative biotechnology.



CX is a special enzyme with the function of producing 7-aminocephalosporanic acid(or 7-ACA) in the first step from cephalosporin CPC(or CPC). Compared to the second step, the process is simple and it has the advantage of high quality and high yield.

Specialty Enzyme (Specialty enzyme)

We could replace the “Chemical process” that was thought impossible or difficult to replace in the previous enzymatic process with an enzymatic “Special enzyme” process that was newly developed by Amicogen. The special enzymes of Amicogen replace the traditional “Chemical process” with “Environmentally friendly Enzymatic processes”.


Pharmaceutical Immobilized Enzyme

Product Name Application
Cephalosporin C acylase AMG118 7-ACA production from CPC
Amoxicillin acylase AMK218 Amoxicillin production from 6-APA and HPGM
Cephalexin acylase AMK318 Cephalexin production from 7-ADCA and PGM
Cefaclor acylase AMK518 Cefaclor production
Cefadroxil acylase AMK618 Cefadroxil production
Cefazolin acylase AMK718 Cefazolin production
Cefradine acylase AMK818 Cefradine production from 7-ADCA
Cephalosporin C or 7-ACA esterase AMK-EX D-CPC production from CPC / D-7-ACA production from 7-ACA
Penicillin G acylase AMK-GX 6-APA production from Penicillin G

Food Enzyme

Product Name Application
Endo-& Exo-Chitinase Chimax-N Chitin hydrolysis, Production of NAG (N-acetyl glucosamine)
Endo-Chitosanase Chimax-O Chitosan hydrolysis, Production of chitosan oligosaccharide (COS)
Endo-& Exo-Chitosanase Chimax-G Chitosan hydrolysis, Production of glucosamine from chitosan

Chemical & Bio-process Immobilized enzyme

Product Name Application
Lipase CalB-10X Esterification, de-esterification, interesterification,
transesterification, and biodiesel production

- CalB-10X (Candida antarctica Lipase B)
- CalB-10Xup (Upgraded CalB-10X)
- TL-10X (Thermomyces lanuginosus Lipase)
- BD-10X (Optimized for production of biodiesel)
Nuclease Nuclease SM Removal of nucleic acid (DNA, RNA)

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Special Enzyme business and products Inquiry

Please contact us whenever you have any questions about Special Enzyme business and products.
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