Family Company

Family Company

Amicogen strategically invests in specialized Bio, Healthcare and precision pharmaceutical
companies to expand its business and generate future growth momentum.

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MediPLMediPL has business on low-temperature atmospheric plasma technology. The plasma is a next-generation platform technology that has a broad use in cancer treatment, intractable skin disease, teeth whitening, skincare, and agriculture. With years of researches, the company’s KPI is product commercialization of cosmetology devices, domestic medical appliances using ‘Microwave plasma’ technology.


Labmaster, Oy

LabMaster is an immune diagnosis specialist in Finland and has its own cathodic-ECL technology and aims to develop and commercialize POCT (field diagnosis) products using this technology. This is an innovative new technology that can create a new market by combining precision and accuracy, which are the advantages of expensive analysis devices in large hospitals that require expensive laser light sources and optical components, and having a small POC function that is short in analysis time and portable.