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Amicogen is a global leading industrial biotechnology company.
Amicogen creates sustainability of health industry and our planet.

Amicogen, Inc.
(52840) 14-10, Worasan-ro 950beon-gil, Munsan-eup, Jinju-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea

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Consent to collect and use personal information
Consent to collect and use personal information

Items of personal information to be collected, the purpose of collection and information usage, and period of possessing and using collected information

- Collection Item
Name, Email Address, Phone number, Company•Job
- Purpose of collection and usage : return of results
- Period of retention and usage : Once the purpose of use and personal information collection are attained, we take no hesitation in discarding the concerned data.

※ Yet, when certain data is required to be preserved by other laws, it is secured for such period that the law demands.
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