Business Area

Business area

Healthcare and Nutrition business

Amicogen develops and sells natural New Bio-Ingredient that serves as a raw material
for Health functional foods by applying special enzyme technologies.
Amicogen is a specialized company for Health functional foods with thorough certification of GMP and HACCP having
a strict production control and a perfect QC system.
Amicogen secures competitive advantage in the market with its differentiation and
extends to B2B business, B2C finished product business, ODM / OEM business.
Thesis and Patents
Thesis and Patents
We actively conduct research and
patent registration
domestically and internationally.
Healthcare Laboratory
Healthcare Laboratory
Based on accurate scientific
evidence and indicators, we develop
enzyme-based New Bio-Ingredient.
Amicogen ODM/OEM
We provide One-stop
ODM/OEM service
for GMP manufacturing facility.



It is a natural New Bio-Ingredientobtained by enzymatic decomposition from chitin extracted from crustacean shells. NAG is a component of articular cartilage and dermal dermis as a material that is often present in breast milk. Amicogen's NAG, chosen as the world-class product from the Ministry of Knowledge Economy in 2011, has a health function that supports joint health and moisturizes the skin.

Collagen Peptide(CP)/
Collagen tripeptide(CTP)

Amicogen’s CP is an enzyme that is easily digested by fish collagen and easily absorbed, has a low average molecular weight, and is easily absorbed into the body. Collagen is widely used as skin beauty material and health material. In particular, CTP is a product developed by a special enzyme technology of Amicogen that is characterized by high absorbency in the body and has health benefits superior to CP products.

Bio New-Ingredients (B2B)

Collagen Peptide(CP)
Collagen tripeptide(CTP)
D-Chiro-Inositol (DCI)
Chitosan Oligosaccharides(COS)
Lactic acid bacteria BP2
Food enzyme
Bamboo salt

Brand (B2C)


K-nutra is Amicogen's Healthcare Brand.
Bio New-Ingredients (health functional raw materials) developed and produced by Amicogen are sold directly to consumers via distribution channels such as online shopping malls and open markets. All products of K-nutra are competitively priced in direct sales, while strengthening the exploration of the functionality of Bio New-Ingredients for the human body and increasing the completeness of the product.


KeyClean isAmicogen’s Safe disinfectant Brand.
Amicogen has added antibacterial and bactericidal action with chitosan ingredients derived directly from biological material. KeyClean containing only food that can be eaten attracts attention as a safe sterilization brand that can be safely used.

Product NEWS

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2 HealthCare 케이뉴트라에서 추천하는 우리가족 바캉스 플랜 2018-07-09
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4 HealthCare 채우고 비우자! 케이뉴트라 여름"채비"기획전 2018-05-25

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