Open Innovation

Open Innovation

We will continue to innovate through various communication and collaboration.
We want to contribute to the global environment and to human sustainability.

Amicogen is open to various suggestions.

Amicogen does actively promote research collaborations for the development of innovative biotechnology for open innovation activities
with domestic and foreign research institutions, venture companies that have promising technologies.
We embody various collaborative methods of industry, science and related fields to create a product
that changes the world and to create a success story of technologies that change the world.

Support technology

Amicogen is holding gene evolution technology, integrated enzyme technology, protein engineering technology, large-scale protein fermentation and separation and purification technology, natural materials, new material technologies, etc. If you are anyone from domestic and foreign companies as well as scientist and technician, please contact us and we will actively participate in the joint technological development and commercialization.

Support products and production facilities

Amicogen holds facilities which can produce various types of products, including special enzymes, new materials, finished products.
Please contact us If any domestic and foreign company have interest in our product sales and marketing or if any scientist and technician wants to use our production facility. Amicogen will actively cooperate with you.

Proposal process

Amicogen is open to various suggestions.

Please contact us for questions about Open Innovation.
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Consent to collect and use personal information

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