Family Company

Family Company

Amicogen strategically invests in specialized Bio, Healthcare and precision pharmaceutical
companies to expand its business and generate future growth momentum.

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bifido has business on development for microbiome drug and health food by probiotics. The company’s strength is on ‘Bifidobacterium’ of other probiotics, and it is also the sole company in South Korea that got GRAS and NDA approvals from the FDA.



Amicogen Pacific, Inc.

It is a network marketing distribution company that sells products and services of Amicogen‘s affiliates. We sell customized health functional foods, cosmetics, and household items based on genetic testing. 


Amicogen C&C Co., Ltd.

Amicogen C&C Co., Ltd. is a Chitosan specialized company that develops and sells chitin, chitosan. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of Amicogen, Inc.'s bio-new materials business and expand its business scope, it was incorporated as a subsidiary on May 7, 2014. It aims to develop health functional food ingredients and medical keto acid and to develop vegetable keto acid using its own enzyme technology.




It is a company specializing in cosmetics (medical cosmetics) established by dermatologists and specialists at six prestigious university hospitals across the country. From sensitive skin care to intractable skin disease treatment, we are focusing on research and development. We sell low-irritation and high-performance cosmetics through about 100 hospitals, pharmacies, and specialized shops nationwide. 


Shandong Amicogen Biotechnology(SAB)



It is a local Chinese corporation for the sales of Amicogen Health & Beauty products B2B and B2C, and its mission is to provide consumers with safe and reliable eco-friendly premium products based on the enzyme and fermentation technology of Amicogen.