Our Story & History

Amicogen is a global leading industrial biotechnology company.
Amicogen creates sustainability of health industry and our planet.

Company that contributes to the nation and mankind
through the development of innovative new technologies

Amcogen was founded in May 2000, when Korea was undergoing IMF, to contribute to the nation and society.
Amcogen is a company created by technologists and has a clear corporate philosophy of being a company that contributes to the nation and mankind
through the development of innovative new technologies.
Amcogen has the following management policies to realize the corporate management philosophy.

01 Think innovatiely for new technology

Amicogen focuses mostly on the development of innovative technology.
Our philosophy is to build up our company
by concentrating our effort upon the technology development.
We believe that the development of innovative technology is a key engine
for the growth of our company.
We have 5 principles on the technology development.

02 Trustful & Long-lasting business

The aim of Amicogen, established by scientists, is to make
a long lasting company on the basis of trust.
We consider three values are important for making long lasting company.

03 Contribute to human health and environments

The core business of Amicogen is converting a chemical process
to an enzyme/microorganism process for human health and environment.
Our eco-friendly technology contributes to solve environmental problems
such as global warming,
exhaustion of energy and diseases caused by pollution that humans face in 21st century.

04 Create share values

The final goal of Amicogen is to share our values and profits
with 7 billion people in the world, as we believe it is our social responsibility.
We started the smallest things first to share and will expand more in the future.