Family Company

Family Company

Amicogen strategically invests in specialized Bio, Healthcare and precision pharmaceutical
companies to expand its business and generate future growth momentum.

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Lysando AG

Lysando AG, a company existing at Lichtenstein, Germany, has developed and researched the Endolysin-based drug ARTILYSIN with Amicogen over several years, and the company also has a strategic partnership with Amicogen by sharing stocks and transferring technologies.




ROPHIBIO develops biologics such as antibody/protein drug, genetic/cell drug, and stem cell drug on which the genetic and cell platform is technology-based.

ROPHIBIO’s biosimilar development (antibody-drug and protein drug) business and Amicogen’s biologics material (medium and resin CDMO) business soon will have a great synergetic effect.




BeyondCell, established for developing a biologics raw medium, obtained a cell line platform development technology and the original technology by transferring technologies and establishing a Joint Venture company with ArtiaBio in the U.S.A. 



PURIOGEN is the sole producer of purified resin (Agarose bead for protein purification) for biologics raw material established for the localization plan for the resin in South Korea. The company owns producing lines for Affinity chromatography resin and IEX chromatography resin.



It is an R&D company that specializes in research and development of innovative new drugs in the field of intractable diseases by utilizing the original technology 'S-UDCA'. We have developed a treatment for wet macular degeneration, diabetes retinopathy, retinopathy, and Lou Gehrig's disease.



It is a company developing, applying and commercializing proteins and enzymes derived from marine organisms. Pearlzyme's extreme enzyme (Patent No. 465852) possesses strong anti-inflammatory action and super-strong protein decomposition ability. We aim to commercialize a comprehensive enzyme formulation for feed additives for pigs, a compound enzyme formulation for feed additives for broilers, and an enzyme formulation for feed additives to prevent cow's breast infection.


Amicogen (China) Biofarm Limited Company

It is a subsidiary of Amicogen, located in Shandong Province, China, and is developing and selling animal/human pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates, as well as resins and enzymatic fixation walls for separation. A company specialized in medical raw materials (certified by Shandong Province's Excellent Technology Company), it has a production facility based on European COS and US FDA.