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Bioprocess and CDMO business

“Pharmaceuticals” can be classified into “synthetic drugs” synthesized
by chemical processes and “Biopharmaceuticals” derived from organisms.
Biological medicine(Biologic, Biopharmaceutical) is a raw material derived from organisms
such as human beings and containing vaccines, blood products, genetically modified drugs, cell therapeutics, gene therapeutics etc.,
and has low intrinsic toxicity with an excellent effect on areas where synthetic medicines do not have.
Amicogen has developed and sold a separation and cleaning tool called “Resin”,
which is indispensable for the manufacture of organically produced medicines and biosimilar products.
Product Guide
Product Guide
Amicogen provides
comprehensive solutions
for bio researchers.
Protein Purification Laboratory
Protein Purification Laboratory
We develop and produce
customizable Resins
used in Biologics and Biosimilar.
Bio-Works Technologies
Bio-Works Technologies
We are gradually replacing
the Protein Purification technology market
with Bio-Works Technologies.


Protein engineering technology

·Establishment of high throughput screening method based on fluorescence

·Protein A engineering by using random mutagenesis in E. coli

·Identification on residues contributing to alkali tolerance

·Development of alkali tolerant Protein A

Agarose manufacturing

Invert, versatile and readily available natural product.
Produced from agar, a polysaccharide extracted
from seaweed.


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1 Protein Purification Resin 2018년도 한국미생물·생명공학회 국제학술대회… 2018-05-25
2 Protein Purification Resin 2018 IUBMB SEOUL 참가 2018-05-25

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