Founder's Message

Founder's Message

Thank you for your continual trust and interest in Amicogen.
Started as a college venture company in 2000, Amicogen is Korea's leading industrial biotechnology company
realizing the value of contributing to human health and environmental protection.

Biotechnology company leading the health of humankind and the sustainability of the global environment

Amicogen is leading biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industrial specialty enzyme and protein by utilizing our source technologies, such as directed gene evolution and protein engineering. Special pharmaceutical enzyme, which is our key product, is a core material that replaces the chemical process with the enzyme (biocatalyst) process, an eco-friendly production method. Compared to chemical processes, biocatalyst processes can reduce wastewater, waste, and CO ₂ emissions. As it can simplify production processes and increase productivity, it is highly attracted as a 21st century future growth technology that will replace conventional methods.

Global bio company

Amicogen has equipped with a strategic business structure in 3 business divisions, 'Enzyme · bio pharmaceuticals’, 'health care' and 'bio process/ CDMO by combining sustainable enzyme technology and its applied technology.

The 'Enzyme · bio pharmaceuticals’ business has concentrated on the Green API business (eco-friendly raw material pharmaceutical production method) such as special enzymes and DX project and has led the development of eco-friendly technology in the global pharmaceutical market. In addition, in cooperation with global life science companies, we are promoting the endolysin business, a therapeutic agent for antibiotic-resistant mutant bacteria (super bacteria). By commercializing endolysin, the so-called the next-generation antibiotics, we desire to contribute to human health greatly by replacing conventional chemical antibiotics and by solving the problem of antibiotic resistance.

The 'health care business’ develops and sells health functional food materials and finished products such as collagen (tree) peptide, pinitol/ DCI, N-acetylglucosamine, and health food enzyme by utilizing enzyme technologies (B2B, B2C). The 'bio process/ CDMO business' has focused on the chromatography resin and medium business, which are essential for the biopharmaceutical production. 

Amicogen has global level capability and organization from R&D to process development, quality control, clinical, production, sales and marketing. Based on the biotech technology and know-how for more than 20 years and the solid partnership with partner companies in Korea and abroad, we will leap forward to become a global biotechnology company.

Amicogen has been constantly challenging the development of technologies in fields which no one attempt for the past 20 years. We did our best for technical innovation with the belief that we will challenge and succeed if the world needs it even if it takes a long time and someone must do it. We promise that Amicogen will continue to strive for making a bigger leap forward and will fulfill our social responsibility and role for the global environment and for a better life of humankind.
Shin Yong Chul  Amicogen   신용철