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New Bio-Ingredient - Healthcare

Chitosan Oligosaccharides(COS)

Immunity enhancement and cholesterol improvement

· Immunity enhancement and cholesterol improvement
· Natural ingredient manufactured by enzymatic hydrolysis
· High quality product with high content of oligosaccharide
(over 50% as dimer~octamer, over 80% as total oligosaccharides)​






Recommended Dosage

1,000~3,000 mg per day



Product Specification


 Light yellow or brown powder

 pH (1%aq.)


 Loss on drying

 Maximum 7.0%

 Residue on ignition

 Maximum 1.0%

 As2O3 (as As)

 Maximum 1.0 ppm


 Maximum 10 ppm

 Coli-form bacteria


 Total aerobic microbial count

 Maximum 1,000 CFU/g


 Maximum 1,000 CFU/g

 Particle size

 Minimum 60 mesh

 Total glucosamine*

 Minimum 72%

 Oligosaccharide composition


 Minimum 50%


 Maximum 1.0%