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New Bio-Ingredient - Healthcare


Chitosan from crab/shirimp/squid

· ChitoSlim is made from Korean red crab shell under strict quality control system
· Chitosan has characteristics of the animal fiber which is not degraded by the digestive enzymes
· Chitosan promotes bile secretion and helps adjust blood cholesterol by decreasing fat absorption in stomach
· A variety of human clinical trials show that chitosan is effective in reducing body fat

· We can produce high molecular weight water-soluble chitosan
(When we add 5 g of the soluble chitosan in 100 g of water, it is dissolved within 10 mins)​ 



Recommended Dosage
· Regulation of blood cholesterol concentration: 1.2~4.5 g per day
· Reduction in body fat: 3.0~4.5 g per day​



Product Specification


 Light yellow powder

 Deacetylated Degree

 Minimum 80%

 Viscosity (cps, at 20℃)

 0.5% acetic acid,
 0.5% chitosan solution
 Maximum 20 cps​

 FBC(Fat Binding Capacity)

 Minimum 60 g/g
 (Oil g/Chitosan g) 

 Particle size

 80 mesh Minimum 90%​

 Tapped density

 Minimum 0.5 g/ml

 Loss on drying

 Maximum 15.0%

 Residue on ignition

 Maximum 5.0%


 Maximum 4.0 ppm


 Maximum 3.0 ppm


 Maximum 1.0 ppm


 Maximum 1.0 ppm

 Coliform bacteria