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蛋白质提炼用树脂 - Affinity

WorkBeads™ Protein A

Agarose-based resin for chromatography

WorkBeads™ Protein A resin is designed for purification of monoclonal-
and polyclonal antibodies using affinity chromatography technique.
For small scale purification and initial screening in process development we recommend
BabyBio A 1 ml and 5 ml columns prepacked with WorkBeads Protein A resin.
WorkBeads Protein A resin can also be used for applications in other formats,
such as test tube batch adsorption, spin columns, gravity columns or multi-well filter plates.
The resin can be used for immunoprecipitation experiments.


• High dynamic binding capacity for monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies with excellent recovery and purity
• Stronger coupling chemistry; high pH stability and low leakage
• Reliable, reproducible and efficient​



WorkBeads are agarose based chromatographic resins manufactured by a proprietary method
that results in porous beads with a tight size distribution and very high mechanical stability.
Agarose based matrices have been successfully used for decades in biotechnology research from
laboratory to production scale, due to their exceptional compatibility with biomolecules including
proteins, peptides, nucleic acids and carbohydrates.
WorkBeads resins are designed for separations requiring optimal capacity and purity.
The recombinant protein A attached to the resin is developed by Medicago
and produced in E. coli under conditions free of components of animal origin
and purified to high purity before coupling.
The protein A is engineered to facilitate an oriented coupling to the matrix.
This allows high binding capacities for target proteins.
The specificity of the recombinant protein A for the Fc region of IgG provides excellent purification.

Each batch of protein A is tested according to stringent requirements.



Main characteristics of WorkBeads Protein A resin.



 WorkBeads Protein A

 Target substance

 Antibodies (IgG), bound via the Fc-region


 Rigid, highly cross-linked agarose

 Average particle size1 (Dv50)

 45 μm


 Recombinant protein A expressed in E. coli using animal-free medium

 Dynamic Binding Capacity2 (DBC)

 > 40 mg human IgG/ml resin

 Recommended flow rate3

 250 cm/h

 Max flow rate4

 500 cm/h

 Chemical stability

 Compatible with all standard aqueous buffers used for protein purification,
 10 mM HCl (pH 2), 10 mM NaOH(pH 12), 0.1 M sodium citrate-HCl (pH 3),
 6 M guanidine-HCl, 20% ethanol
 Should not be stored at low pH for prolonged time​

 pH stability

 3 - 10 (short term)
 2 - 12 (cleaning)


 2 to 8 °C in 20 % ethanol