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健康保健 - 美容护理

2N fishcollagen peptide

Low-molecular collagen with good absorption

아미코젠 2나노콜라겐/피쉬콜라겐 펩타이드 소개 

· 자체 개발 효소분해법으로 생산된 국내산 콜라겐 체내 흡수가 용이한 평균 분자량 1,000Da 이하의 저분자 콜라겐

· 낮은 pH에서도 사용이 가능한 우수한 식품학적 특성 2나노콜라겐/피쉬콜라겐 펩타이드는 콜라겐 특유의 냄새와 맛을 제거한 프리미엄 소재

· 콜라겐은 체내에서 피부, 뼈, 관절, 혈관, 치아 등에 높은 양으로 존재하는 중요한 단백질

· 용해도가 우수하며 낮은 온도와 낮은 pH에서 응고현상 없음



2나노콜라겐/피쉬콜라겐 펩타이드의 높은 흡수율




생선비늘 ▷ 효소분해 ▷ 여과 ▷ 탈염 ▷ 정제 ▷ 건조  ▷ 피쉬 콜라겐 펩타이드



제품 상세규격 


 Whitish powder


 No odor or

 very slightly characteristic odor

 Average molecular weight

 Maximum 1,000Da

 Total protein

 Minimum 93%

 Loss on drying

 Maximum 7%

 pH(1% solution)


 Residue on ignition

 Maximum 1.0%

 Heavy metals as Pb

 Maximum 20ppm

 Coli-form bacteria





2N fishcollagen peptide


Low-molecular collagen with good absorption



Introduction to Amicogen’s 2N fishcollagen peptide


- Domestic collagen produced by self-developed enzymatic degrading method. Low molecular weight collagen with an average molecular weight of 1,000 Da or less that is easy to absorb into the body 

- Excellent food properties that can be used even at low pH 2N fishcollagen peptide is a premium material that removes the unique smell and taste of collagen 

- Collagen is an important protein that exists in high amounts in skin, bones, joints, blood vessels, teeth, etc.

- Excellent solubility and no coagulation at low temperature and low pH


Manufacture process

Fish scale ▷ Enzymatic digestion ▷ Filtration ▷ Desalting ▷ Purification ▷ Drying ▷ Fish collagen peptide


Product specification