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蛋白质提炼用树脂 - Affinity

ProA™ Trust

Alkali-tolerant rProtein A Resin
ProATM Trust is an alkali-tolerant Protein A affinity resin showing the high binding capacity
without significant activity loss after incubation with NaOH.
The ligand is derived from the IgG-binding domains of the Staphylococcus aureus Protein A.
It was engineered in order to provide higher binding capacity and alkali-tolerance than wild type Protein A1.
ProATM Trust is optimized to perform the cleaning-in-place (CIP) procedures.​






 Highly cross-linked agarose


 Alkali-stabilized Protein A(E. coli)

 Particle Size

 45-165 μm

 Working Velocity

 30-300 cm/hr

 Binding Capacity

 > 40 mg rabbit IgG/ml resin

 Working pH



 0.1~0.5N NaOH

 Temp. Stability


Ref. 1) Y.C. Shin et al., Mutated immunoglobulin binding protein
with enhanced alkali-tolerance, Korean Patent No. 10-2016-0085721 (2016.07.06) 



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