단백질 정제 레진

Specialty enzyme

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단백질 정제 레진 - Affinity


rProtein L Agarose Resin

Recombinant Protein L is an immunoglobulin-binding protein
that originates from the bacteria Peptostreptococcus magnus.
The albumin-binding domain, cell wall and cell membrane binding domains
have been eliminated to ensure the maximum specific IgG binding capacity.
Protein L has the unique ability to bind kappa light chain
interactions without interfering with an antibody's antigen-binding site.
This gives Protein L the ability to bind a wider range of Ig
classes and subclasses than other antibody-binding proteins.
Protein L will bind to all classes of Ig (IgG, IgM, IgA, IgE and IgD).
Protein L will also bind single chain variable fragments (scFv) and Fab fragments.
Protein L binds to kappa I, III, and IV in human and kappa I on mouse.​






 4% Highly cross-linked agarose


 Recombinant Protein A

 Particle Size

 45-165 μm

 Working Velocity

 30-300 cm/hr

 Binding Capacity

 >4 mg rabbit IgG/ml resin

 Working pH




 Temp. Stability




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