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특수효소 - 산업용


Fungal Endo- and Exo- chitinases
Chimax-N (Fungal Endo- and Exo- Chitinase)




It is derived from Trichoderma viride and produces NAG (N-acetyl glucosamine) from chitin



Main areas of application              

Production of NAG (N-acetyl glucosamine)




Purity                                        N/A     

Activity                                      1,000 U/g 

Production host                          Trichoderma virde 

Type of chitinase                         Exo type

Storage Temperature                    Below 4°C 



Quality Control

• Properties: White or yellow colored, freeze-dried powder

• Arsenic (as As₂O₃): < 4 ppm

• Pb: < 10 ppm

• Coliform bacteria group: < 30/g (0 cfu/g)

• Salmonella: Negative (Negative)

• Escherichia coli: negative (negative)    

• It can be used for the production of safe food ingredient by enzymatic process, which can replace conventional acid-hydrolysis process.