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바이오신소재 - 네이처케어



Bamboo salt
•  Korean folk remedy consisting of sea salt roasted in bamboo at high temperature
• Historically, used for treating gastropathy, periodontitis, inflammation, and other diseases
• According to the archives1) in South Korea the benefits of the bamboo salt are first introduced (A.D.765) by a monk from the area, Wansan, recording its wide usefulness as a health salt.


• The Amicogen Inc. has focused on the development of CureSalt-BS2000 that can enhance the functionality of the bamboo salt on scientific basis.
1. Anti-hypertension
Effect caused by replacement of NaCl
2. Gastropathy
Relieving gastric ulcer and gastritis
3. Dental care
Dental treatment and preventive care for periodontitis
Maintaining mouth hygiene
4. Potential
Preventing cardiovascular disorders Kidney protection, antioxidant effect,
reducing allergic reaction, anti-obesity, anti-cancer potency, improvement of diabetes and involved in brain function​