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61 바이오신소재헬스케어

Chitosan Oligosaccharides(COS)

Immunity enhancement and cholesterol improvement

60 바이오신소재헬스케어


Chitosan from crab/shirimp/squid

59 바이오신소재네이처케어

Keyclean (Food additives)

Mixed sanctions for keeping food preservation-containing chitosan

58 바이오신소재네이처케어

Keyclean (Equipment sterilization)

Sterilizing disinfectants, such as food appliances-contains chitosan

57 바이오신소재헬스케어


Component of a signaling system that helps insulin in glucose metabolism

56 바이오신소재헬스케어


Help reduce body fat and improve blood cholesterol

55 바이오신소재헬스케어


Help improve cholesterol

54 바이오신소재뷰티케어

Long-pep collagen peptide

Rural Development Administration patent registration material (10-1322282)

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