Specialty enzyme

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특수효소 - 산업용


Lipase for biodiesel production (E.C.
BD-10X a specialized lipase to be optimized for the production of biodiesel from various fats, immobilized on maximal durable resin.





 >4,000 Propyl Laurate Unit (PLU)/g (dry weight)


 Light yellow


 Dried immobilized enzyme

 Size of immobilization support

 200~300m (>95%)


 Spherical type

 Water content


 Enzyme assay

 a1 PLU is the amount of enzyme to produce 1ol propyl laurate per min at 60℃ by utilizing lauric acid and 1-propanol as substrates




· Biodiesel production using various fat feedstocks, such as food waste oil, cooking oil, PFAD (palm fatty acid distillate), PAO (palm acid oil), etc


Storage conditions
· No direct light
· Dry condition
· Temperature maintenance (4~10°C)​



· High stability
· High activity toward diverse substrates



Condition for conversion reaction of biodiesel

 Optimal ratio of enzyme

 ~10% of substrate weight

 Type of substrate

 Fats, cooking oil, PFAD, PAO, etc.

 Ratio of methanol

 Depending on the types of substrate and reactor

 Optimal temperature





Reaction instruction


 Experimental procedure


 Pour 1g TL-10X in 15mL conical tube.


 Mix with 9mL substrate(soybean oil)b.


 Locate in shaking incubator at 40℃, 200 rpm.


 After pouring 0.3mL methanolc, add 0.2mL every hour.


 Finish reaction after 6 hours.


b The ratio of oil to methanol is depending on the types of oils.

c If methanol is in direct contact with the enzyme or if it is added in excess of the standard, the enzyme activity may be reduced.